Camp-NaNo Prep!

The Camp Nano season is already upon us. Where did the first three months of the year go? I was planning to have a thoroughly planned novel for this camp since the NaNoWriMo of last year. But here I am, 11 hours away from the event and nothing more than some snippets of plannings.

But still, without an outline or any prep, you and I can make this the best writing month of our lives until yet. How so, here are some of my survival tips:

A Premise Sentence can be a good way to go:

I am a diehard fan of this post by KM Weiland on writing thorough premise sentences. Not only does it provide a good step-by-step guide on the seemingly arbitrary process, but also because for me, it makes the whole first act get figured out. And after a solid first act, I am free to play on the page for the rest of the month.

A Rough Outline:

Though this year, I am trying my hands for the first time in organic writing. But I am mostly an outliner. The task of facing a novel without any plan is just too daunting for my tastes. So I believe this method by Kat O’keefe is a pretty good place to start. You might even find the process so fun and take it off to different directions. Who knows?


No plot? No Problem book:

Considered to be the NaNo bible, this can be called hands down the best and the only resource needed for the month. This book is divided into portions, a half of it is to read before NaNo event. It’s a small chunk and can be read in half-a-day. But good for inspiration.

The other half is divided in day-to-day dosages of inspiration. And somehow, Chris Baty always knows what might be going in a writer’s mind at the particular day of writing. And that helps immensely.


Those are the only resources in my opinion needed to have and awesome NaNo experience. Seriously guys, in the end, it’s all about the writing and having fun with the project. And remembering not to overburden yourselves. Writing is supposed to be cathartic and fun, stop making it feel like a chore but rather a joy. ย And I think you will be on your way to your best NaNo experience ever. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tell me your must have resources for the NaNo month. I would love to know about them down in the comments box. ๐Ÿ™‚


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